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Recent Clients:

NDHSA - North Delta Human Services Authority

VPIP - Violence Prevention and Intervention Program


The Journal Of Intercultural Disciplines

The Journal of Intercultural Disciplines

Our most recent client The Journal of Intercultural Disciplines provided below is information about them from their own home page.

The Journal of Intercultural Disciplines is a multidisciplinary publication that includes quantitative research manuscripts, qualitative research manuscripts, discussions of current literature, theoretical analyses of data or literary productions, as well as scholarly critiques.

When considering diverse groups, race, ethnicity, age, disability, sexual orientation, and other areas of specialized interest are considered part-and-parcel to the focus of the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines. Issues of importance to these and other divers groups, both from a historical and a contemporary perspective, are sought by the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines. Specifically, the primary, over-arching goal of the Journal of Intercultural Disciplines is to provide a multifaceted examination of multiculturalism and diversity that reflects the globalized state of the world in which we live.

A+ Services Heating and & A/C

A+ Services Heating and & A/C is one of our recent clients that we actually have had to do the pleasure with of using their services. They provide excellent a/c repair and installation in the Shepherd texas, Cleveland Texas, and Conroe Texas areas.For HVAC at a reasonable cost and quality service you can contact them at:

The Importance of Balance In Design

Many times clients want to have many objects on their first page. What ends up happening is the visitor becomes to distracted by all the clutter and does not really know where exactly to go. That is why good design leads the visitor where they need to go without flashing neon arrows. Balance needs to be kept in mind because if the balance is off the design will not look right. However, some visitors may no know what exactly is wrong. They will just get the feeling it is not designed well in which could aggravate the users. Remember we want to keep the visitor happy and that includes keeping the design pleasing to the eye in all aspects.